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New York’s SALT Avoidance Scheme Could Actually Raise Your Taxes

Over the weekend, New York became the first state to create a state and local tax (SALT) deduction cap workaround—two workarounds, in fact, since New York does nothing on a small scale. Yet while the newly adopted budget encourages high-income … Continue reading

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OECD Issues Mandatory Disclosure Rules to Combat CRS Avoidance and Offshore Structures

In December, the OECD issued a public consultation document, requiring mandatory disclosure rules to combat CRS avoidance and offshore structures. Comments are due January 15, 2018. The consultation document is prepared in response to the Bari Declaration, issued by the … Continue reading

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Divorce Wars Avoidance

Divorce wars can happen when couples divorce. Frayed emotions and angry circumstances can combine to make it tempting to try to play dirty. The fact is, resorting to the nasty games of divorce wars make you look bad and does not necessarily improve the outcomes … Continue reading

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Regulatory Capture Avoidance

On August 19, the FAA announced a new rule restricting the capacity in which carriers may employ former FAA safety inspectors for two years after those inspectors leave the agency (FAA press release available here). Creation of this rule was… … Continue reading

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