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Phone Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Phone interview mistakes are common, and can knock you out of the running for a position at the outset. Read on for phone interview mistakes to avoid, and the importance of being prepared for what is often your first meaningful … Continue reading

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Avoid Dating Until After Your Divorce

Are you legally allowed to date someone before you have officially divorced? The answer in Illinois is “yes.” Some states recognize marital misconduct such as adultery as a reason for divorce and will penalize the spouse at fault in the … Continue reading

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GM Fighting To Avoid Replacing Takata Airbags, Puts Public At Risk

The Takata airbag recall has been the largest automotive recall in history. The recall is centered around airbags which can explode with too much force, sending deadly shrapnel flying through vehicles. Almost two dozen deaths and hundreds of injuries worldwide … Continue reading

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Oceana Insignia Docks in Portland, ME to Avoid Hurricane Florence

CentralMaine.com reports that, “a cruise ship originally bound for Bermuda briefly docked in Portland to avoid the oncoming Hurricane Florence, and more could arrive this week. The Oceania cruise ship Insignia made the unplanned stop Monday to steer clear of … Continue reading

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Take 5 steps NOW to avoid trouble with California’s new privacy act

31 August 2018 Click here for the latest articles on Data Technology, Privacy & Security Despite a general effective date of January 1, 2020, there are 5 steps that anyone doing business in California should take now to avoid problems … Continue reading

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