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How to Avoid Common Mistakes Made in a Hostile Divorce

Every year, thousands of Americans make the difficult decision to pursue a divorce. While many divorces can be resolved amicably through collaborative divorce or mediation, a substantial percentage of divorces become too heated for joint participation. Throughout the divorce process, … Continue reading

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Utah Proposal to Modernize State Sales Should Avoid Layering Taxes on Business Inputs

Lawmakers in Utah considered and temporarily tabled a plan to expand the state’s sales tax to bring the Utah tax code in line with a 21st-century economy. The Tax Equalization and Reduction Act (HB 441 S1), proposed by Representative Tim … Continue reading

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DuetsBlog: Avoid Sitting on the IP Fence

Well, here we are — a mere ten years ago today — when we dove head first, or at least, dipped our collective toes into the vast intellectual property blogging pond. Intellectual Property — IP — is italicized today, because … Continue reading

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Transportation Workers Can Avoid Arbitration

A truck driver working long hours yet still earning less than the minimum wage tries to bring a class action lawsuit against a trucking company. But the company tells him he signed an arbitration agreement that prevents him from filing … Continue reading

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Tips to Avoid Divorce (Before and After the Wedding)

Getting married and starting a family is ingrained in Western cultures, especially in the United States. By the age of 50, 90 percent of people have been married at least once. Due to the high percentage of individuals who decide … Continue reading

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