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Changes proposed regarding parallel imports – An exhausting concept for Australian trade mark owners?

In this article, we consider; the changes to the Trade Marks Act proposed in respect of parallel imports which the Draft Explanatory Memorandum states are aimed at ensuring that the law “better meet[s] the objective of facilitating the parallel importation … Continue reading

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Tesla virtual power plant may face headwinds under new South Australian premier

Tesla Powerpacks in South Australia. (credit: Tesla) The new premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall, is unconvinced about a virtual power plant project that had been proposed by Tesla and accepted by Jay Weatherill, the Australian state's previous premier, in … Continue reading

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Australian Listeria Outbreak Spikes – More Illnesses and Deaths

Up to March 6, an additional seven cases of listeriosis have been linked to the outbreak, including four deaths. Cases are from NSW (6), Victoria (6), Queensland (4) and Tasmania (1). In January 2018 NSW Health commenced investigating an increase … Continue reading

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Article on The Protection of Property Under the Australian Constitution

Lael K. Weis recently published an Article entitled, The Protection of Property Under the Australian Constitution, Property, Land Use & Real Estate Law eJournal (2018). Provided below is an abstract of the Article: This chapter provides an overview of the… … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How “Pure Entity” Australian Class Actions have Distorted the D&O Market

Francis Kean Regular readers of this blog know that class action litigation is an important part of the Australian liability environment. Although comparisons between the Australian class action system and the U.S. system are frequent, there are important differences in … Continue reading

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