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California Hotels Try to Attract Cannabis Tourism

While there may come a day when marijuana is legal for recreational use all across the nation, that day is nowhere in sight yet.  President Donald J. Trump has said he would be willing to remove marijuana from Schedule One … Continue reading

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Can Nativity scene characters attract copyright protection under Italian law? It depends

Typical Nativity sceneAt Christmas time the making of Nativity scenes in churches and homes is a Catholic tradition that is particularly common in Southern Europe.Like many other Italian children, I have wonderful memories of when my brother and I used … Continue reading

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Benchmark surveys probably attract disproportionately more respondents from centralized law departments

Even with large numbers of participants, such as 1,000 in the General Counsel Metrics law department survey, benchmark metrics probably reflect more centralized law departments than decentralized. Not just more of them, because centralized reporting departments – where all practicing… … Continue reading

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International Child Custody Issues Attract New Attention

A recent Associated Press article exploring the ever-complicated issue of international child custody cases touched off by parental abductions is shining new light on a problem that never seems to go away. As the piece notes, two of America's most … Continue reading

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Law of Attraction – Money, Love, Cars – Can You Really Attract Them Into Your Life?

I would like to write articles since childhood my aim is ti become a Expert Writer in World So far I wrote Most Of all every category Soon I’ll become a Expert Writer

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