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Could Cryptocurrency Stop People From Torrenting Porn? A Defense Attorney’s Thoughts and a Possible Solution – ISP Subpoena Defense

STRIKE 3 HOLDINGS LLC and MALIBU MEDIA LLC are both Adult Movie producers who sue Internet users for allegedly obtaining their porn for free using BitTorrent file sharing programs. But why are people torrenting porn and leaving themselves vulnerable to … Continue reading

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Mediation and Consulting Attorneys Complement DIY Online Divorce

Online programs such as It’s Over Easy can walk you through a divorce process, but should you really, completely, “do it yourself” (DIY)?  You might have gone into the divorce process thinking, “We want a simple divorce.” Then you realize … Continue reading

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Attorney’s Fees and Costs are not Available to a Moving Party who Secures Interim Injunctive Relief

Preliminary injunctions are temporary court orders requested by one party that prevents another party from pursuing a particular course of conduct until the conclusion of a trial on the merits.  A preliminary injunction is proper where the moving party proves … Continue reading

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Attorneys in Northern Kentucky

The road of everyone’s life has bumps and pits.  At any given time the problems in your life may run from minor to very serious.  In any event, Fessler, Schneider, & Grimme can help you resolve the issues.  Their legal … Continue reading

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Guest and Gray, P.C.: Civil Defense Attorneys

Guest and Gray, P.C. has helped countless individuals and businesses in the Forney, Kaufman and Rockwall area over the years. Our attorneys are trusted, local and proven. Our areas of civil practice involve personal injury, contract litigation, real estate, partnership … Continue reading

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