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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Special Needs Planning Attorney in Virginia

When you have a child with special needs or disabilities, there are many decisions that need to be made regarding his or her future security and physical care. All parents want to protect their children, and those who have kids … Continue reading

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New Attorney General Nominee: William Barr

Today President Trump announced that he will be nominating William Barr to be the next Attorney General of the United States. I'll eat crow on this one – I really had my money on Kris Kobach for the position. Barr… … Continue reading

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Brutally honest 1L advice from a brilliant, bitterly brunette attorney

Everyone knows that someone has to be cold-called on first, but until Professor Margaret Howard pursed her lips and looked my way, I never really thought it would be me. “Ms. Sharpe, tell us about this case.” It was me, … Continue reading

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Do You Need an Attorney to Defend a Collections Lawsuit?

So you are being sued on debt and you aren’t sure if it’s worth hiring an attorney or not. Surely an attorney will cost money, but will he or she cost more than what you could pay to resolve the … Continue reading

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Attorney Suspended for Charging Excessive Fees for Medicaid and Veterans Benefit Planning to Pay Long-Term Care Costs

Kansas’s highest court suspended for six months an attorney who, among other things, charged a couple three times the going rate to qualify for public benefits based upon financial need from the Veterans Administration (VA) and Medicaid. In the Matter … Continue reading

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