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How to Strengthen your Marriage – Tips from a Divorce Attorney

Marriage is not easy. Specializing in high conflict divorce over the past 15 years has opened my eyes to the reality that putting in the work to strengthen a marriage mightspare families from experiencing the trauma associated with the divorce process. … Continue reading

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Attorney Guilty in $11.8 Million Fraud Case

Attorney successfully schemed to take millions from couple that was intended for charity. A New York state attorney found a way to steal millions from a couple, who wanted their money to go to charity and their heirs. The attorney … Continue reading

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Tax Demand? A Tax Attorney Could Reduce It

Tax Demand? A Tax Attorney Could Reduce It Do you dread seeing those brown envelopes with the IRS or Inland Renenue address on them? Do you put them on one side until you have summoned the courage to read their … Continue reading

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How Much Can I Expect to Pay an Attorney for My Case?

One of the biggest concerns for individuals considering hiring a lawyer for possible legal actions is “What will this cost me?” Like all professionals, lawyers do charge their clients for the services provided, but there are a number of ways … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity Tech Tips: Stay Vigilant Out There! – Attorney at Work

"We asked the practice management technology experts: What can a law firm do to make a hacker's job harder these days? Here's advice you can use to fight the good fight — and stay out of the cyber crosshairs — … Continue reading

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