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ER intervention may be a key way to avert patients’ repeat suicide attempts

As the nation deals with record numbers of suicides,  hospital emergency rooms, with a relatively simple intervention and diligent follow-up, may be able to reduce by half the high risk that patients they treat will try to take their own lives … Continue reading

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Attempts by Exempt Organizations to Influence Judicial Appointments

In this article, the IRS explains what happens when tax exempt organizations attempt to influence judicial campaigns. The article begins by explaining that under the Internal Revenue Code exempt organizations can lobby for or against the appointment of federal judicial… … Continue reading

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Resisting Attempts to Control the “Hyper-Fertile”

Maya Manian, The Story of Madrigal v. Quilligan: Coerced Sterilization of Mexican-American Women, in Reproductive Rights and Justice Stories (forthcoming 2019), available at SSRN. Ruthann Robson The meaning of “success” in litigation challenging inequalities is at the core of Professor Maya … Continue reading

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Attempts to Enforce “Humane” Treatment of Poultry Fail

** Foster Farms Prevail in Dismissing Class Action **                                                                … Continue reading

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FDA Attempts to Shame Pharmacuetical and Biotechnology Companies

The U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recently decided to try to “shame” some pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for failing to provide samples to companies who wish to produce generic versions of their pharmaceuticals.  The FDA states: In passing the 1984 … Continue reading

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