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The Affair of the Sonic Weapons Attack: Management, Containment and Control–Microwave Weapons and the State Department Cuba Accountability Review Board Report

(Pix credit "Microwave Weapons" (11 Sept. 2015), Weapons and Warfare)From the start, the Affair of the Sonic Weapons Attack has amounted to a series of curious turns. Each of these twists and turns has provided a measure if illumination in … Continue reading

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This 61-year-old man survived a great white shark attack by beating it up

Luck is probably a good way to describe surviving a shark attack, but Lytton didn’t just lay back and pray that the animal would release its grasp. He says he repeatedly pounded his fists against the side of the shark, … Continue reading

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Carshare companies Turo, Maven spared from rental car attack by veto in Illinois

Enlarge (credit: Getty) Entrenched businesses do not like disruptive new competitors. Perhaps that’s a simplistic generalization, but it certainly seems to be the case in a fight between the rental car industry and car sharing platforms like Turo and Maven. … Continue reading

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Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack in New York

A missed or delayed diagnosis of a heart attack can lead to serious complications, and even death. If you or a loved one has suffered adverse health consequences due to a medical professional’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation … Continue reading

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[Jonathan H. Adler] "A Shameful, Cynical Attack on the Rule of Law"

House Republicans seeking to impeach Rod Rosenstein embarrass themselves.On Wednesday, a handful of House Republicans introduced a resolution to impeach Deputy Attorney Genral Rod Rosenstein. It is a piece of work. Harvard law professor Jack Goldsmith, former head of the … Continue reading

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