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President Trump should withdraw his asylum proclamation

© Getty Images Nolan Rappport on The Hill calls on President Trump to withdraw the asylum proclamation. KJ Read more detail on Recent Immigration Law posts –

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Over 1,000 Rejected Asylum Seekers May Get Second Chance In Family Separation Cases

From The Washington Post: As many as 1,000 asylum seekers whose claims were heard and rejected by the government under traumatic circumstances of family separation will get a second chance under an agreement announced late Wednesday. While the government did… … Continue reading

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ACLU Challenges Trump Administration’s New Asylum Rules

The American Civil Liberties Union, coming fresh off a victory over the Trump administration’s family separation policy, is once again filing a lawsuit against the government for deliberately preventing thousands of immigrants from seeking asylum. The complaint, filed on behalf … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions’ Illegal Attacks on Asylum Seekers

The Trump administration is illegally eviscerating asylum protections for domestic violence survivors and other refugees at the border. We’re suing. Grace,* an indigenous woman from a small village in Guatemala, came to the United States seeking protection from beatings, sexual … Continue reading

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At US Ports of Entry, the Government Is Denying Asylum to Those Seeking Refuge

The government's strategy is to inflict enough agony and misery on these already-terrorized families to deter them from seeking asylum. Good things don’t always come to those who wait.  This is the harsh reality of asylum seekers who have recently … Continue reading

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