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Dividing Assets: Who Gets the Marital Home?

When it comes to dividing up property during divorce proceedings, Illinois is an equitable distribution state, meaning that marital assets are split as equitably (fairly) as possible. Thus, when large or expensive assets need to be divided, it can require … Continue reading

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Florida Family Law – If I Move Out of the Marital Home, Am I Abandoning My Family and Assets?

A question that commonly comes up in Florida Divorce consultations and cases is whether a client should move out of the marital home once one of the parties has filed for divorce. While many times spouses recognize that if there … Continue reading

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How to Set Up Power Over a Client’s Digital Assets

An increasingly important issue in estate planning is how to handle a decedent’s digital assets, e.g., email and social media accounts, digital files and photographs stored in the cloud. Here’s what to do. You may have heard about the Revised … Continue reading

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6 Important Estate Planning Considerations – Part 5: Retirement Assets

This is part of a series of 6 blogs on important estate planning considerations. I’ll intersperse these blogs with other timely blogs. The first article in the series showed how an estate plan prepares one for incapacity during life and … Continue reading

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Hiding Assets: What Happens When One Spouse Isn't Honest?

Texas is a community property state, so money and assets that were acquired during the course of the marriage belong to both spouses under the law. If you decide to get a divorce, each spouse is entitled to half of … Continue reading

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