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Frequently Asked Questions about Labor Laws

When it comes to labor laws, most employees are actually aware that there is a very large quantity of laws which are here to protect their interest. However, if you would ask these employees to go over even the most … Continue reading

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Appraisers Asked "Why Would a Wealthy Elderly Lady Williningly Destroy Half of the Value of Her Estate?"

During last month's LA Chapter of the Appraisal Instiute's IRS Valuation Summit, Judge Mark Holmes of the US Tax Court asked 200 appraisers "Why would a wealthy elderly lady williningly destroy half of the value of her estate?" According to… … Continue reading

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FCC asked to halt GPS-jamming network

by Sara M. Langston with the blog faculty Source: AOPA The Federal Communications Commission, now in possession of clear evidence that a proposed mobile communications network jams GPS signals, should recall approval it granted network venture LightSquared, and begin a … Continue reading

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CA7: Defendant who was asked three times to produce guns under a court order, who asked questions about what was going on and was ignored, did not validly consent

Defendant was presented with an arrest warrant for guns and a state court order to produce all firearms in his possession as a condition of bond which he declined to answer. After three tries, without answering any of the questions … Continue reading

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Frequently Asked Questions: Should I Expunge My Conviction If I Am A Licensed Professional Or Want To Apply For A State License? What Is Expungement? Can I Get A Felony Reduced To A Misdemeanor?

Here is the second in a series of posts on frequently asked questions regarding misdemeanor and state felony convictions, expungements of those convictions and how expungements can affect licensed professionals during California Board or Bureau proceedings. This post will also … Continue reading

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