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Henry Taylor Arrested in Hidalgo County

One day you’re the assistant coach of a high school football team and the next you’re being convicted of drug charges. At least that’s what happened to 37 year old and former NFL wide receiver, Henry Jamaar Taylor. Back in … Continue reading

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Orange County Psychiatrist Arrested on Federal Charges Alleging Illegal Prescriptions for Opioids Without Legitimate Medical Need

The use of undercover officers who pose as "patients" are standard where physicians are charged with prescribing without legitimate medical necessity. A recent case used at least one undercover officer in its investigation.A psychiatrist Dr. Robert Tinoco Perez who practices at a … Continue reading

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Parents Arrested for Locking Daughter in Cage so They Could Sleep

The mother and father of an 18-year-old girl are facing charges after allegations that they locked their daughter inside of a cage in an unsanitary environment. Richmond residents Tito and Shannon Felix are the parents of an 18-year-old daughter who … Continue reading

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What To Do If You Are Arrested

What To Do If You Are Arrested Source: Flickr If ever you find yourself in a situation where a law officer takes you into custody then you must realize that you have been arrested. It is important for every citizen … Continue reading

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Arrested Eminent Domain Protester Still Can Sue City For First Amendment Violations

This one is more for our muni law friends, but today's post also has two eminent domain angles.  Anyone who has been to a city council meeting knows at least one fellow like this, considered a pain-in-the-butt by officials. A … Continue reading

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