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A New Development on the CAC v. No-CAC Question in Euro Area Sovereign Bonds

Mitu Gulati and Mark Weidemaier We have previously discussed how Euro area sovereign bonds with Collective Action Clauses or CACs (issued after Jan 1, 2013) and without CACs (issued prior to Jan 1, 2013) potentially differ in their vulnerability to … Continue reading

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Euro Area Sovereign Bonds: CACs or no-CACs?

Mitu Gulati and Mark Weidemaier Beginning January 1, 2013, Euro Area authorities required member countries to include “collective action clauses,” or “CACs,” in sovereign bonds with a maturity over one year. CACs are a voting mechanism by which a bondholder … Continue reading

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The Median Salaries of Bay Area Technology Companies

Have you ever wondered what are the median salaries at Silicon Valley/Bay Area technology companies?  It must be very high given the astronomical cost of living there, right?  The Silicon Valley Business Journal has collected the median salaries of the … Continue reading

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How to pick your area of legal practice

There comes a time when you must decide on an area of legal practice you want to pursue. Whether you had an inkling of what you wanted to practice when you went into law school or are now deciding while … Continue reading

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Hotel Lawyer: Brand franchise owners ask “What happened to my Area of Protection?”

8 December 2018 Hotel Lawyer on Owners’ concerns with hotel brand franchise agreements — Areas of Protection or Non-competition clauses My partner Bob Braun is a senior member of our Global Hospitality Group® and has experience with many hundreds of … Continue reading

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