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The FTC Appeals Shire ViroPharma Dismissal

By Jennifer M. Thomas — Declaring its intent to stand on the original complaint in FTC v. Shire ViroPharma, the FTC has appealed the District Court for the District of Delaware’s decision to dismiss the Commission’s unfair competition case against … Continue reading

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Competency and Federal Criminal Appeals

A three-judge appeal court recently upheld the dismissal of charges that a man faced after threatening an FBI agent who declared the man mentally incompetent to stand trial. The man was later released from federal custody after spending 22 months … Continue reading

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Patent Appeals to the District Court: Win or Lose, You Pay Attorneys’ Fees?

Recently, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (the federal appellate court that primarily hears appeals in patents cases) heard arguments in NantKwest Inc. v. Matal, No. 16-1794 on the issue of attorneys’ fees (a timely topic) in certain patent cases. Credit: … Continue reading

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Move Over Dred Scott: NY Appeals Court Upholds Age Discrimination by Feds

Unfortunately, many federal court decisions live in infamy. Now the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York City has added a new one to the list. A three-judge panel ruled last week that a discriminatory … Continue reading

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A U.S. Appeals Court’s Absurd Justification of Age Discrimination

Just in case there is any doubt, a  federal appeals court in New York City ruled last week that age discrimination is entitled to far less protection under the U.S. Constitution than other types of discrimination. A three-judge panel on … Continue reading

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