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Federal Appeals Court Resurrects, Orders Trial in Anthropologie Age Discrimination Case

The experience of the 54-year-old sales associate at an Anthropologie, a nationwide retailer of women’s clothing, reads like the script of a modern-day horror movie. And so does her experience in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New … Continue reading

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Out of time homelessness appeals – trying to find representation not good enough reason

London Borough of Hamlets v Al Ahmed (2019) EWHC 749 (QB) Mr Ahmed had applied to Tower Hamlets (oddly named as ‘Hamlets’ in the reported judgment) as homeless. A decision that he was not in priority need underwent a s.202 review, … Continue reading

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NYCOA: Criminal Appeals (Part 4c)–More Recent Dissents That Should Have Been Majorities

In the last post, we looked at two dissents that protested majority decisions at New York's highest court that overturned convictions because of errors having nothing to do with guilt or innocence, and where there was no suggestion that the alleged … Continue reading

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Does an IRS Appeals Protest Count as a Refund Claim?

Taxpayers generally have to submit refund claims to recoup taxes paid to the IRS. The law generally says that these claims have to be in writing, but not necessarily on the IRS’s official forms. Taxpayers submit a number of documents … Continue reading

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Georgia Court of Appeals Dismisses Personal Injury Claim Against Polk County Sheriff

In a typical personal injury claim arising from a car accident, the plaintiff is free to sue the defendant for damages at any time prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations, which is normally two years for personal … Continue reading

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