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Mother Appeals Neglect Charges

Matter of CW 2018 NY Slip Op 06546 October 3, 2018 Continue reading Read more detail on Recent Family Law posts –

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MD Appeals Court Finds Implied Preemption Over Siting of Solar Farm

This post was authored by William Wantz, Esq. A commercial solar farm was proposed for 86 acres adjacent to Cearfoss, a designated rural village in Washington County MD. Washington County’s comprehensive plan and special exception requirement protect rural villages from … Continue reading

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Contractor Drowns in Red Ink from Mistake Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA) Cannot Save From Termination for Default

Author:  Cheryl Adams, Esq. If you are a contractor bidding on a government contract, you must be certain you understand all the details of the work to be performed, you must get your bid pricing right, and you must make … Continue reading

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Court of Appeals addresses valuation of a closely held business

The November 28, 2018 Court of Appeals opinion in Clark v. Clark is one more data point in the confusion that is South Carolina transmutation litigation. Clark further addresses how one values the minority shares of a closely held business. … Continue reading

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A Majority of the Court of Appeals Judges Who Decided the Kulbicki Case 4 Years Ago Will NOT Be Deciding the Adnan Syed Case

On Thursday, there will be oral arguments in the Adnan Syed case in the Court of Appeals of Maryland on two issues: (1) was trial counsel ineffective in failing to contact prospective alibi witness Asia McClain; and (2) was trial… … Continue reading

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