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Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Judge Violated Defendant’s Rights by Using Stun Belts in Court

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in El Paso, Texas, has thrown out the conviction of a man whom State District Judge George Gallagher repeatedly ordered to be shocked with a stun belt during his 2016 trial on charges of … Continue reading

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Court’s Refusal to Allow Mother to Present Her Case-in-Chief Violated Her Due Process Rights, Florida Appeals Court Says

You may have heard phrases like “due process” or “equal protection” on the news or in a courtroom TV show, but you may not imagine them having a substantial impact on your divorce case. You may assume that your divorce … Continue reading

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U.S. Court of Appeals Affirms Jury Verdict in Favor of Orthopedic Surgeon in Medical Negligence Lawsuit

On June 26, 2014, Dr. Corey Solman performed arthroscopic surgery on the knee of Leslie Grussing. At her follow-up appointment on July 9, 2014, she met with a physician’s assistant and reported swelling in her knee. The physician’s assistant suggested … Continue reading

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Florida Appeals Court Upholds Priest's Objections To Testifying About Statements Made In Confessional

In Ronchi v. State of Florida, (FL App., June 15, 2018), a Florida state appellate court held that it would violate Florida's Religious Freedom Restoration Act to require a Catholic priest, Fr. Vincenzo Ronchi, to testify about a sex abuse victim's … Continue reading

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California Appeals Court Suspends Lower Court Ruling, Reinstates End of Life Option Act

A California appeals court today granted emergency motions by the two terminally ill adults and a physician represented by Compassion & Choices for an “automatic stay” to immediately suspend a lower court’s judgment invalidating the End of Life Option Act. The appeals court … Continue reading

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