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How to Win a Michigan Driver's License Restoration Appeal Without Being Involved in AA – Part 1

Can a person win back their Michigan Driver's License without going to AA? This article will address this question, and explain why the answer is not only "yes," but also how and why the majority of the License Appeals I … Continue reading

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Simplifying a Michigan License Appeal and Understanding DAAD Rule 13 – Part 1

As part of my Driver's License Restoration Practice, I have tried, within the License Restoration section of this blog, to explain every aspect and facet of the License Appeal process. Many of those articles examine the varying degrees of complexity … Continue reading

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Both sides appeal to Supreme Court on health care law

[JURIST] Both the US Department of Justice (DOJ) [official website] and a group of 26 states filed petitions with the US Supreme Court [official website] Wednesday seeking a ruling on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act … Continue reading

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Court of Appeal Decides Buy-Out Questions Under Re-RULPA

California's Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 2008, commonly known as Re-RULPA, established a mechanism by which partners can avoid a judicial dissolution of the partnership by purchasing for cash the partnership interest owned by the partners initiating the judicial dissolution … Continue reading

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HAWICA Oral Arguments In Appeal About From Where "Height" Is Measured

It can be difficult to piece together the full scope of the issues and arguments in an appeal from the oral arguments alone. Most often, arguments cover narrow issues of concern to the judges, and the advocates do not have … Continue reading

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