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What’s in a judgment anyway?

In November a journalist I know and respect took to social media to air her concerns about the probity of family court process as regards transcripts of hearings. She did so in good faith based upon ‘authoritative’ information she had … Continue reading

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SG's Supplemental Knick Brief: No Fifth Amendment Violation If Govt Does Not Admit To A Taking, But Property Owners Should Still Be Able To Come To Federal Court Anyway To "Vindicate" The Right To Compensation

As we wrote in this post, the federal government''s position in Knick v. Township of Scott, No. 17-647, which is set for reargument next month, has us a bit perplexed. On one hand, the SG's bottom line is good: property … Continue reading

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251(h) mergers, what are they called anyway?

Ever since Delaware adopted §251(h) to deal with the percolating top-up option issue ('you're going to issue how many shares?!'), there has been a small, but nagging issue. What do we call this new kind of merger. Well, lawyers aren't… … Continue reading

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Whose jurisdiction is it anyway?

Avon Ground Rents Ltd v Child [2018] UKUT 204 (LC) As many readers will of this blog will be aware we have a number of different courts and tribunals involved in residential property. In some cases, notably leasehold service charges, … Continue reading

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Drivers Fear Distraction, But Do it Anyway …

Distracted Driving Is Our Biggest Fear Have you ever noticed another driver looking at their cell phone while you are driving in the next lane? Do you ever wonder if that person can actually safely drive and read a text … Continue reading

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