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Americans Believe Legal Fees are Extremely Expensive

Just over two-thirds of Americans, or 69 percent, state they would definitely use online legal services to save money. Many more wish for an alternative to traditional attorneys. Meet “Your Lawyers Online,” the brainchild of Founder & CEO Nicole Schaefer, … Continue reading

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More Americans are making no weekly purchases with cash

“Americans are becoming less reliant on physical currency. Roughly three-in-ten U.S. adults (29%) say they make no purchases using cash during a typical week, up slightly from 24% in 2015. And the share who say that all or almost all … Continue reading

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Trump Says Getting a Bigger and Better Border Wall Will Save Americans ‘Billions’

President Donald Trump has again taken to advocating a bigger and better border wall, claiming its construction will “save Billions of Dollars if the Democrats would give us the votes to build the Wall.” Trump didn’t offer an explanation as … Continue reading

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Read this American’s love letter to Canada

Every now and then I’ll read something that makes me see Canada from a fresh perspective and reminds me of just how lucky we are to call this country home. An essay by American lawyer Lorraine Koury in Canada’s Globe … Continue reading

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Justices call for more briefing in dispute about Oklahoma prosecutions of Native Americans

Now that the justices have had a few days to consider last week’s oral argument in Carpenter v Murphy, it appears that they are looking for creative ways to resolve the dispute. As explained in my earlier posts, the case … Continue reading

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