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Alternatives to Probate

In this Learn About Law article we discuss small estate affidavits and its potential use as an alternative to Probate. Read more detail on Recent Real Estate and Property Law posts –

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Patent case: Natural Alternatives International Inc. v. Creative Compounds LLC, USA

Thomas LongClaims for methods of administering beta-alanine to increase muscles’ working capacity were valid treatment claims, not merely directed to natural laws. Claims for the supplement products and means of making them were directed to specific formulations, not natural phenomena. … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Adult Guardianship in Illinois

In this article, we will discuss some less restrictive alternatives to guardianship in Illinois. We will discuss “Positives of Adult Guardianship in Illinois”, “Negatives of Adult Guardianship in Illinois” and "Alternatives to Adult Guardianship in Illinois” Read more detail on … Continue reading

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Businesses Have Good Alternatives to Status Quo In Legal Services — Recent Moves by The Big 4 (Part 2 of 3)

To summarize some of the positive alternatives that the Big 4 accounting firms offer U.S. business owners and executives in legal services, I’ve chosen the writings of a trusted guide — Lucy Endel Bassli. In these writings she’s described how … Continue reading

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Four Alternatives to Traditional Divorce

To most people, divorce means using negotiations or litigation to settle disputes about the division of marital property and allocation of parental responsibilities. This process describes one form of divorce called a contested divorce. Though contested divorce is the most common … Continue reading

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