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Second District Holds Melrose Triangle Project EIR’s Alternatives Analysis and Responses to Comments Comply with CEQA, Upholds City of West Hollywood’s Findings Rejecting Historic Building Preservation Alternative as Infeasible

In an opinion filed on November 30, and belatedly ordered published on December 22, 2017, the Second District Court of Appeal, Division 1, affirmed the trial court’s judgment denying all CEQA challenges asserted by plaintiff/appellant Los Angeles Conservancy (“Conservancy”) to … Continue reading

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Leading Reverse Mortgage Shortcomings

Alternative options to a reverse mortgage. If you have been considering a reverse mortgage, but just cant make up your mind if it is right for you, then maybe we should cover some alternative options. Move Bring up moving and … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Sources In The UK: Just What Are The Alternatives?

An entire raft of legal provisions and global polices as well as targets suggest that the UK, among additional particularly Western nations must move away from their addiction to non-renewable fuels and more towards working with green technology. Over the … Continue reading

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