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If You’ve Already Filed, Here’s What You Need To Do About Those Tax Extenders

1040 On Friday, Congress reached a budget deal (there was a brief shutdown, in theory, overnight, but nothing along these lines). Tucked away in the bill, as reported by Forbes’ Ashlea Ebeling were “surprise tax breaks on homeowners, students and … Continue reading

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You Have To Already Be Good To Find A Mentor

When I first started training martial arts year ago I sucked. Like you don’t understand how bad I was. It was awful. I was not an athletic child. I spent most of my time reading books. Lord of the Rings? … Continue reading

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How to make your clients appreciate you more than they already do

Last week my wife went to her dentist for a cleaning. The bill arrived with a charge of $84 for the cleaning and $45 for the exam. Then, the bill showed a $45 credit for the exam. In other words, … Continue reading

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The FCC Makes Its Indecency Case at the Supreme Court, But Has the Court Already Shown Its Cards?

By Scott R. Flick The FCC today filed its Brief at the U.S. Supreme Court defending its actions against Fox and ABC programming it found to be indecent. In the case of Fox, the alleged indecency was celebrity expletives uttered … Continue reading

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Enough Already – Social Media Is Not A Comprehensive Marketing Plan!

-Debbie Laskey, MBA Go ahead and admit it. Consider this blog post as a form of marketing therapy. As marketers, we've all heard that ridiculous statement spoken at least once – for others, much too often. We might have heard … Continue reading

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