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Alito Weighs In Late On Buddhist Inmate's Request For His Spiritual Adviser At His Execution

As previously reported, late on March 28, the U.S. Supreme Court In Murphy v. Collier ruled in favor of Buddhist prisoner Patrick Murphy who wanted his Buddhist spiritual adviser to be present in the execution chamber when his execution was … Continue reading

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Tharpe v. Sellers, J. Thomas, with whom J. Alito and J. Gorsuch join, dissenting (Per Curiam opinion), Docket 17-6075

Retroactivity (here in a criminal context): (…) First, no reasonable jurist could argue that Pena-Rodriguez applies retroactively on collateral review. Pena-Rodriguez established a new rule: The opinion states that it is answering a question “left open” by this Court’s earlier … Continue reading

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Abortion Ruling Is All About Alito

This is why presidential elections matter even if and when you dont particularly like one candidate or the other. The re-election of George W. Bush in 2004 begat the nomination to the United States Supreme Court of Justice Samuel A. … Continue reading

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