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Suspect in Hot Water for Flooding Airport

A man remains in custody after being held accountable for an incident involving the vandalism of an Arizona airport causing them to halt operations for a full day in order to administer repairs. On Friday, the Glendale Municipal Airport was … Continue reading

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Little Drones, Big Insurance Exposure: Drones Shut Down Gatwick Airport

Gatwick airport has been shut down since Wednesday night UK time due to the presence of multiple drones around the perimeter of the runway. A drone was first spotted Wednesday evening in the vicinity of Gatwick’s runway. After being briefly … Continue reading

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Public Advocates Daughter-In-Law Dies At Airport (WCBS-TV New York)

Betsy Gotbaum, the citys elected public advocate and one time parks commissioner, was grim faced when she met the cameras Sunday to address the death of her stepdaughter-in-law, Carol Ann Gotbaum, who died apparently from struggling with her handcuffs after … Continue reading

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TSA’s Roadmap for Airport Surveillance Moves in a Dangerous Direction

The Transportation Security Administration has set out an alarming vision of pervasive biometric surveillance at airports, which cuts against the right to privacy, the “right to travel,” and the right to anonymous association with others. The FAA Reauthorization Act of … Continue reading

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Detroit Metro Airport Customs Money Seizure; September 28 2018

Today Customs published a notice of all property seized by Customs that is currently pending administrative forfeiture proceedings, as they do each week on forfeiture.gov.  Some weeks, the forfeiture notices for Detroit Metro Airport are uninteresting; some weeks they are … Continue reading

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