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Noncompetition Agreements as Tax Evasion?

Professor Rebecca Morrow at Wake Forest University Law School has authored an interesting article, titled "Noncompetition Agreements as Tax Evasion," concerning the ubiquity of noncompetition agreements and potentially attacking those agreements through treatment of them as tax evasion.  Here is … Continue reading

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Offeror Provides Only First Pages of Teaming Agreements, Gets “Marginal” Score

An offeror provided a procuring agency with only the first pages of its teaming agreements with proposed subcontractors–and received a “Marginal” score on the small business participation factor as a result. In a recent decision, the Court of Federal Claims … Continue reading

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Non-Solicitation Agreements In Washington State

 Employee non-solicitation clauses are often included within non-compete agreements in Washington, though they may also be found in other agreements or as a stand-alone agreement. Non-solicitation clauses are typically meant to accomplish two primary things: Prevent a former employee from … Continue reading

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Prenuptial Agreements in North Carolina

Some people assume it’s not romantic to anticipate the possibility that you and your spouse won’t stay together, but in truth nobody can predict the future. Often people’s feelings change as their lives change. Sometimes marriages are more difficult than … Continue reading

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DNB publishes Q&A on possible qualification of warranties included in purchase agreements as non-life insurance

On 29 January 2019, the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank, DNB) published a final Q&A which provides clarification as to whether warranties typically included in purchase agreements can be considered a non-life insurance (schadeverzekering) policy. According to DNB, a … Continue reading

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