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The NAIC recently held a hearing on the implementation of the reduced reinsurance collateral provisions of the Covered Agreement.  A Special Focus article describes the hearing. This post written by Rollie Goss.See our disclaimer. Read more detail on Recent Insurance … Continue reading

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EU27 and UK citizens’ acquired rights in the Brexit withdrawal agreement: detailed analysis and annotation

EU Law Analysis Blog – Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex: “The issue of the acquired rights of EU27 and UK citizens has long been a focus of this blog. The latest development in this field is the proposed rules … Continue reading

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Tacit agreement to replace an agreement is not a variation

Our law recognises that an agreement can be concluded tacitly to replace a previous agreement and a non-variation clause does not preclude the parties from doing so. This principle was recently confirmed by the Supreme Court of Appeal. In Ocean … Continue reading

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Should You Consider a Postnuptial Agreement?

A postnuptial agreement, like a prenuptial agreement, is a legal contract that sets forth how marital property should be divided if the couple divorces. The only difference is that a prenuptial agreement is executed before marriage, and a postnuptial agreement … Continue reading

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OCR HIPAA Resolution Agreement Against Bankrupt Business Associate Signals Growing Exposures, Need for Tighter HIPAA Compliance By Health Plans & Business Associates

Health plans and insurers, their service providers that act as business associates within the meaning of the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) and employer and other health plan sponsors, fiduciaries, and other management leaders should heed the warnings … Continue reading

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