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[Eugene Volokh] The Limits of Textualism and the Union Agency Fee Case

Friday, I argued that there's mo First Amendment problem with compulsory union agency fees in Janus v. ASFCME: Just as there's generally no Free Speech Clause problem with a government requiring taxpayers to pay it taxes that it then uses … Continue reading

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Compounding Remains an FDA Priority: Agency Announces 2018 “Compounding Priorities Plan” and Several Compounding Guidances, Including Guidance on “Essentially Copies” and Repackaging

By Karla L. Palmer — Last week FDA announced the release of its 2018 “Compounding Priorities Plan.” FDA also released several guidance documents in the wake of its announcement, such as its final guidance on essentially copies of commercially available … Continue reading

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Federal Agency Workplace Survey: SEC Up to #5!

Congrats to the SEC! Since 2013, it’s moved up from 4th worst mid-size agency to work at – up to 5th best! Here’s the 2017 workplace survey results. Recently, the SEC delivered its annual report on credit rating agencies to … Continue reading

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J-2 Waiver of Two-Year Foreign Residency Requirement, Post-Divorce Interested Government Agency Approval for Chinese Client in China

CASE: J-2 Waiver of Two-Year Foreign Residency Requirement Post-DivorceNATIONALITY: ChineseLOCATION: China Our client is a citizen of China who came to the U.S. on a J-2 Visa in April 2016.  She came with her husband who held a J-1 Visa … Continue reading

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Rating Agency Developments

On December 27, 2017 DBRS published an updated rating methodology for Operational Risk Assessment for U.S. ABS Originators. Release. On December 29, 2017 Moody’s published a performance review for Global Structured Finance Collateral. Release. On January 3, 2018 DBRS published … Continue reading

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