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Perros desamparados en Cuba [Homeless Dogs in Cuba] (Rene Gómez Manzano)–Fighting Against Animal Abuse in the Caribbean

Pix credit Animal rights is not a conceit of developed states. There are those in the Caribbean who have also become much more active in the development of social knowledge of human dignity as expressed in human treatment of animals, … Continue reading

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Silver Law Group and the Law Firm of David R. Chase Files a Second FINRA Arbitration Claim Against Independent Financial Group Concerning Selling Away Claims

Silver Law Group and The Law Firm of David R. Chase have filed their second FINRA arbitration claim against Independent Financial Group alleging its broker recommended the services of an individual who was running a Ponzi scheme. According to the … Continue reading

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California Court Dismisses Appeal Against Ski Resort for Snowboarding Accident

In a recent case before a California appeals court, the plaintiff claimed that a California ski resort was liable for the serious injuries she sustained in a tragic snowboarding accident at the resort. According to the court’s opinion, the woman … Continue reading

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Restaurant can't bring unfair competition claim against Trump Old Post Office claim for using Trump's name to draw business

K&D, LLC v. Trump Old Post Office, LLC, No. 17-731 (RJL), 2018 WL 6173449 (D.D.C. Nov. 26, 2018)Plaintiff owns Cork Wine Bar, located in the downtown Washington, D.C. area. Cork argued that it faced unfair competition from the Trump Old … Continue reading

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HUD Files Disability Discrimination Fair Housing Charge Against Denver, CO Property

Acting on a complaint initially filed back in 2016, just yesterday the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) formally charged the owners, architect, and builder of an apartment building (with 164 units on six floors) in Denver, Colorado … Continue reading

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