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[Jim Lindgren] Proposed Constitutional Amendment Against Packing the Supreme Court

Ilya Somin raises the issue of packing the Supreme Court. To foreclose that possibility, I am proposing a constitutional amendment to prevent Congress from passing a statute to pack the US Supreme Court with more than nine members. If one … Continue reading

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Publishers Escalate Legal Battle Against ResearchGate

Inside Higher Education: American Chemical Society and Elsevier are again suing academic networking site ResearchGate in an attempt to stop it distributing copyrighted research papers. “ResearchGate, a popular for-profit academic social network that makes it easy to find and download … Continue reading

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Jury Delivers $2.4M Verdict Against Philip Morris, but $0 Punitives, at Trial Over 31-Year-Old's Cancer Death

Stock image.  Miami—Jurors this week leveled a $2.4 million verdict against Philip Morris for its role in the death of a 31-year-old Florida smoker, but ultimately declined to impose punitive damages against the company. Chadwell v. Philip Morris, 2010CA17931. Read … Continue reading

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SEC Files Securities Fraud Suit Against Elon Musk Over Take-Private Tweets

Elon Musk’s August 7, 2018 Tweets, in which he had “secured” funding to take Tesla private at a substantial premium over the then-current share price, have already produced a storm of controversy and a series of securities class action lawsuits … Continue reading

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Plaintiff’s Sexual Assault Complaint Asserts Claims Against Michigan State’s Board of Trustees

Stories of alleged sexual misconduct have dominated recent headlines.  Allegations of sexual assault raised against Supreme Court Brett Kavanagh have been the lead story all week, and there has also been extensive coverage of the criminal sentencing of Bill Cosby … Continue reading

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