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Fairchild's appeal against Power Integrations. Infringement affirmed; damages vacated

The outcome: infringement affirmed, damages under the "entire market value rule" vacated:We affirm the district court’s judgments of infringement.We conclude that the entire market value rulecannot be used here to calculate damages. We vacate thedamages award and remand for further … Continue reading

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The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Affirmed Lower Courts Order in Patent Suit

Indianapolis, Indiana  – Stone Basket Innovations, LLC of Austin, Texas, filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas which was transferred to the Southern District of Indiana alleging that Cook Medical, LLC of Bloomington, Indiana, infringed Patent … Continue reading

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Conviction Affirmed In Law Office Murder

The Minnesota Supreme Court affirmed the conviction in a case involving the murder of a law firm employee In April 2016, Petersen, a client of Northstar Criminal Defense, went to the law firm’s office and shot and killed the firm’s… … Continue reading

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Blurred Lines Verdict Affirmed – How Bad is It?

The Ninth Circuit ruled on Williams v. Gaye today, the "Blurred Lines" verdict that found infringement and some hefty damages. I've replied to a few of my colleagues' Twitter posts today, so I figured I'd stop harassing them with my … Continue reading

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CFPB’s Constitutionality Affirmed in En Banc DC Circuit Ruling

Sitting en banc, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit ruled that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) structure is constitutional. By a vote of 7 to 3, the full panel of judges reversed an earlier panel decision that took … Continue reading

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