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Administrative action can be reviewed from when it adversely affects a person’s rights

The Supreme Court of Appeal decided that a decision by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa to determine gas prices was not reviewable at the stage when NERSA decided on a methodology to determine the prices, but was reviewable … Continue reading

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How Divorce Affects Your Kids

Divorce is stressful on your children. There’s almost no way to avoid that fact. But there are ways to make your kids more resilient and prevent other problems related to divorce. In some cases, kids can be better off after … Continue reading

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How a Recent Supreme Court Ruling Affects Workers’ Rights

In a decision that could impact roughly 25 million employees, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled workers may not come together in class action suits to contest federal labor law violations. The issue divided the court in a 5 to 4 … Continue reading

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Divorce Affects Your Dogs, Too!

Guest Post by Sarah Jones When the relationship starts to break down, all the abuse at home – verbal and physical, tension, and negative emotions are felt by the whole household, including your dogs! Divorce is a stressful and painful … Continue reading

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Aging and DUI: How Getting Older Affects Your Driving

You have always prided yourself on being a good driver. You’ve always been careful with consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel; you know your limits and you err on the side of caution. You’ve had a safe driving record … Continue reading

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