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How Unpaid Taxes and Child Support Obligations Can Affect a Citizenship Application

To obtain citizenship, the USCIS must determine that you are a person of “good moral character” after examining your background. Good moral character is a formal requirement with a very specific legal meaning. Unpaid taxes and delinquent child support obligations … Continue reading

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One Bad Day Can Adversely Affect A Career

The Delaware Supreme Court has ordered a 15-month suspension of an attorney retroactive to the date of his interim suspension. The Court has considered the matter carefully. Vavala admitted the ethical violations alleged in the ODC’s petition against him. The… … Continue reading

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When Cultural Barriers Affect Your Estate Planning

Cultural barriers can impact your estate planning in unexpected ways. If you want to start an estate plan in the United States but your family’s culture gets in the way, it can be frustrating. But given tax and estate laws … Continue reading

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How Do Transfers and Progressive Taxes Affect the Distribution of Income?

Policymakers have recently proposed various ways of raising taxes on the richest Americans and making the tax code more progressive, including wealth taxes, estate taxes, and a higher marginal income tax rate. Changing the tax system, however, requires first understanding … Continue reading

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How Does a DUI Affect Car Insurance?

When one gets pulled over and subsequently arrested for an alleged DUI, what are some of the first things that run through their head? “Oh no, I’m in trouble,” “I am going to jail,” “I need a lawyer” are probably … Continue reading

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