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How Does Divorce Affect Your Taxes?

If you are ending your marriage, there are many financial issues that you will need to address when you dissolve your union. While many people focus primarily on the big issues such as how marital property is divided and whether … Continue reading

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Does Getting Divorced Affect Your Social Security Benefits?

After a certain age, the primary concerns of divorce change. Child custody issues give way to retirement squabbles. Suddenly, your future as a retiree looks a lot less secure. The good news? You may still retain your ex's Social Security … Continue reading

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How did TC Heartland Affect Firm Value?

In Recalibrating Patent Venue, Colleen Chien and I did a nationwide study of forum shopping in patent cases (shocker – everybody did it, and not just in Texas), and predicted that many patent cases would shift from the Eastern District … Continue reading

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How filing Bankruptcy will affect being a renter in Jacksonville, Florida?

Many people in Jacksonville, Florida rent their home residences, which is why so many of my clients ask me “how will filing Bankruptcy affect being a renter?” It seems no matter where you are in Jacksonville, Florida you cannot help … Continue reading

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How Your Spouse’s Bad Credit Can Affect You

You’re probably aware that your credit score is an assessment of the risk in making a loan to you. This score is based on your ability to repay debt. But what happens when you marry someone with bad credit or … Continue reading

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