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California Administrative Assistant Fired While on Medical Leave Lands $723K Judgment

There are various ways that an employer can be in violation of the workplace anti-discrimination provisions of the Fair Employment and Housing Act. With regard to employees with disabilities, the employer can become liable by failing to provide the employee … Continue reading

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Administrative Law Scholarship in Our Present Political Moment

Gillian Metzger, The Supreme Court, 2016 Term—Foreword: 1930s Redux: The Administrative State Under Siege, 131 Harv. L. Rev. 1 (2017).Aaron L. Nielson, Response, Confessions of an “Anti-Administrativist,” 131 Harv. L. Rev. F. 1 (2017).Mila Sohoni, Response, A Bureaucracy—If You Can … Continue reading

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Introducing IPRs as the De Facto Administrative Claim Construction (ACC) Procedure

by Dennis Crouch Several years ago, I proposed an Administrative Claim Construction Procedure (ACC)— allowing a patentee or third party to request a claim-construction by the USPTO.  The process would be much like an Inter Partes Review (IPR) proceeding – although my … Continue reading

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Chris Walker & Melissa Wasserman on the PTAB and Administrative Law

Christopher Walker is a leading administrative law scholar, and Melissa Wasserman's excellent work on the PTO has often been featured on this blog, so when the two of them teamed up to study how the PTAB fits within broader principles … Continue reading

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Takeaway from Recent Decision on Florida Attorney Extraordinary Attorney Fees For Ordinary Administrative Work in an Estate [Florida]

In this case, the Personal Representative sought fees for serving as both PR and attorney for the estate – while not totally clear from the opinion, it appears the PR sought those fees using the presumptively correct fee Florida statutory … Continue reading

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