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Trump Administration Seeks to Prevent Family Planning Funding Recipients from Providing Abortion Services or Referrals

May 17, 2018 (New York Times): How New Abortion Restrictions Would Affect Women's Health Care, by Julie Hirschfield Davis: Currently, the federal government prohibits the use of federal funds for abortions. Now, the Trump administration is proposing a rule that… … Continue reading

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Regulatory Agenda of Trump Administration Indicates Significant DOL Changes

The Trump Administration has issued its regulatory agenda, which is a semi-annual statement of the short- and long-term policy plans of government agencies. The DOL is at the forefront of these changes to come. The agency stated that it will … Continue reading

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Transportation Safety Regulations Were Rolled Back by the Trump Administration

A series of horrific accidents, some of them in Georgia, led to pressure for stricter transportation safety regulations. However, safety advocates are concerned they are being rolled back in the era of Donald Trump. A report on WNYC noted one … Continue reading

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Trump Administration Releases Annual IP Report to Congress

The White House U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator has released its Annual Intellectual Property Report (Report) to Congress (around 170 pages!).  The Report outlines the Trump Administration’s approach to intellectual property policy and provides information concerning the activity of the … Continue reading

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Regulatory Analysis Under the Trump Administration

The Trump Administration’s regulatory policies have commanded considerable attention from the national media. But little has been said about the effects of its initiatives on regulatory analysis. For more than three decades, both Democratic and Republican administrations have required federal … Continue reading

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