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Addiction & Mental Health Resources in British Columbia

Mental illness can feel isolating. However, the experience is much more common than many Canadians realize. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, approximately 20 percent of the population will have a mental health problem in any given year, while … Continue reading

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The Opioid Crisis: What is The Government Doing About It? Part 5 – Improving the Quality of Research on Pain and Addiction

This blog series is devoted to better understanding the efforts our Federal government is undertaking to combat the opioid epidemic in America. Last year, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a five-part strategy that will be utilized … Continue reading

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The FTC Has New Enforcement Authority in the Fight against Opioid Addiction

The government is serious about opioids. We can see that in the many big, headline-grabbing steps it is taking to confront the problem. We can also see it in a number of small, less well-known steps it has taken. These … Continue reading

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My Spouse has a Drug Addiction, What Now?

Drug addiction in any way is not beneficial to anybody. It is even more detrimental when more people become affected by just one person’s drug addiction. One of the many examples of being affected by drug addiction is in the … Continue reading

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Sobering News of Fraud in the Addiction Treatment Industry

The opioid epidemic has exacted an immeasurable cost on our country in both human and financial costs. It has also given rise to a new type of health care scam in America – addiction treatment fraud. Unscrupulous operators of drug … Continue reading

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