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Beware of Actual Cash Value Endorsements

Actual cash value polices should rarely be sold on a typical home. Insurance agents who sell these policies knowing that a mortgage exists are negligent because various federal laws and regulations generally require that negotiable mortgages are to be protected … Continue reading

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Medicaid Applicant is Entitled to Actual Notice of Deficiencies of Application

As my readers know by now, a Medicaid application is comprised of five years’ of financial records for every single asset and transaction that occurred during the 5-year “look-back” period preceding the application, along with a host of “personal identifiers” … Continue reading

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An Easy Way for Your Students to Learn More about Actual Legal Practice

The new academic year will begin soon (yikes!) and you may be finishing your syllabi for the fall semester. If you want to help your students get a better understanding of the real world of practice in a wide range … Continue reading

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Automobile Damages – Actual Cash Value And Diminished Value

Insurance lawyers trying to help client with automobile property damage will find they need to understand and be able to explain the damages in two ways.  Actual Cash Value (ACV) and diminished value. “Actual cash value” is the value of … Continue reading

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Actual Taxation Required For Dividend Withholding Tax Relief Under EU Parent Subsidiary Directive, Tax Treaty

The Italian Supreme Court with its ruling n. 25264 of October 25, 2017 (Cassazione n. 25264 of 10-25-2017) held that actual payment of the corporate income tax in the parent company’s home jurisdiction is required for the parent company to … Continue reading

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