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Crowdsourcing letters to representatives for transparency and accountability

“From-Congress is an attempt to collect letters sent by representatives to their constituents. These letters often contain statements by the rep about positions that might otherwise be difficult to discover. This project exists to increase the amount of transparency and … Continue reading

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Lack of Cruise Line Accountability Potentially More Dangerous than Cruise Ship Illness

Last week, two Royal Caribbean cruises were afflicted with a norovirus that left hundreds of passengers in a compromised state of health. While viruses are a concern, accident and injury at sea are also a problem, especially when so many … Continue reading

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IP Justice Comments on ICANN Accountability & Transparency Concerns: Lack of Accountability to Non-C

IP Justice is deeply concerned that ICANN is insufficiently accountable to relevant non-commercial interests. Certain interests, such as business interests (in particular the trademark and domain name industries) are over-represented at ICANN both in structure and in practice. On the … Continue reading

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Accountability of AI Under the Law: The Role of Explanation

Accountability of AI Under the Law: The Role of Explanation, November 27, 2017. “The ubiquity of systems using artificial intelligence or “AI” has brought increasing attention to how those systems should be regulated. The choice of how to regulate AI … Continue reading

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Public accountability exception to the FLSA for "ghost employment"

Public accountability exception to the FLSA for "ghost employment" Demos v City of Indianapolis, CA7, 302 F3d 698. Alan L. Demos, an administrative employee, and Ronald Graham, a city executive, sued the City of Indianapolis claiming they were denied overtime … Continue reading

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