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Public accountability exception to the FLSA for "ghost employment"

Public accountability exception to the FLSA for "ghost employment" Demos v City of Indianapolis, CA7, 302 F3d 698. Alan L. Demos, an administrative employee, and Ronald Graham, a city executive, sued the City of Indianapolis claiming they were denied overtime … Continue reading

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Banking Committee Republicans Cite Lack of CFPB Accountability in Senate Hearings on Director Confirmation

At the Senate Banking Committee nomination hearing for CFPB Director-designate Richard Cordray, Ranking Member Richard Shelby (R-Ala), referring to a May 2 letter sent by 44 Republican Senators to President Obama, said that the Committee should not consider any nominee … Continue reading

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Transparency, Accountability and Blogging

To me, social networking is a way to rebuild some of the bridges between the organization and the stakeholder by allowing individuals in the organization to present their personal face and, through that, to feel and to be more accountable. … Continue reading

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Accountability Under No Child Left Behind: Progress Toward Implementation

New report from the RAND Corporation: Abstract: “Drawing on findings from two federally funded studies, researchers assessed progress in implementing the accountability provisions of NCLB through 2004–2005. They found that most schools were engaged in multiple efforts to improve performance… … Continue reading

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JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE v. JUDICIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Prolegomenon to Defining Constitutionalism in the

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