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Determining if an employee is eligible for accidental disability retirement benefits

Determining if an employee is eligible for accidental disability retirement benefitsDaquino v DiNapoli, 2018 NY Slip Op 03201, Appellate Division, Third DepartmentAn employee [Petitioner] appealed the Hearing Officer denial of the Petitioner's application on the ground that the incident did … Continue reading

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Accidental Death Life Insurance Policy

Attention life insurance lawyers.  Here is one for you.  Is dying from a mosquito bite grounds for recovering under an accidental death life insurance policy? That was the issue in the March 2018, opinion from the United States Court of … Continue reading

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When can you make Accidental injury Statements.

Individuals document compensation for injuries boasts about taking on psychological or even physical accidental injuries as a direct result regarding accidents, occupational dangers or even carelessness. Using the assert, they are able to seek out reimbursement for your continual accidents … Continue reading

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ARE YOU AN ACCIDENTAL LANDLORD? Using a professional lettings agent can help you protect your rental investment

Accidental landlords are a phenomenon of the current economic situation. With many homeowners unable to sell their property, at least at a price they are happy with, some are renting their property while they wait for the housing market to … Continue reading

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Wide Range of Accidental Personal Injuries Result from Early Morning Bus Crash

Halfway between San Antonio and Austin, TX, a passenger bus carrying about 21 people crashed early on July 1, injuring everyone on board. Conditions ranged from accidental head trauma and broken bones to cuts and bruises. Those with the most … Continue reading

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