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The Intersection Between Title VII and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Rules Regarding Accent Discrimination

Those who have immigrated to the United States have played a pivotal role in our nation’s success. Indeed, the goal of encouraging immigrants to assist in growing the United States’ economy was one of the reasons that Congress enacted the … Continue reading

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Deadliest Car in America: Hyundai Accent

There are many measures to determine car safety, and one is to examine driver death rates per vehicle. Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released in May identified the most dangerous cars on the road based on this … Continue reading

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Abu Dhabi planners put accent on tourism

Abu Dhabi planners put accent on tourism Looking forward, Abu Dhabi has an economic plan for the next 20 years that places a strong emphasis on the development of leisure and tourism. The 185-page plan, published last year, lays out … Continue reading

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