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Aggressive Prosecution or Abusive Tactics?

The Houston Police Department has a history of, to put it politely, aggressive investigations of alleged environmental criminal activity. Is it too aggressive? Some certainly think so. Just ask George McCall (“Mac”) Secrest, Jr. or Dean Blumrosen. These guys are… … Continue reading

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Maryland Nursing Homes Can Be Held Liable for Employees’ Negligent and Abusive Acts

Under the doctrine of respondeat superior, or vicarious liability, an employer is generally responsible for the acts of its employees if they are acting in the scope of their employment. Therefore, if a Maryland nursing home staff member abuses a … Continue reading

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Are You in An Abusive Relationship?

When someone thinks about domestic abuse, they tend to focus on the worst imaginable things they see on an episode of “Law and Order.” That is not always the case. Domestic abuse can occur when someone in an intimate relationship … Continue reading

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Germany – Facebook’s collection and use of data from third-party sources is abusive

Preliminary assessment in Facebook proceeding: Facebook’s collection and use of data from third-party sources is abusive. Date of issue: 19.12.2017 “The Bundeskartellamt has informed the company Facebook in writing of its preliminary legal assessment in the abuse of dominance proceeding … Continue reading

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Abusive Tax Schemes Often Cause Confusion in the Asset Protection Planning Arena

When clients come to see me for asset protection planning, I will occasionally get questions about offshore trusts that are part of abusive tax shelters and which the client has read about or seen described on the news. A man … Continue reading

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