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Obtaining a Divorce While Abroad; Not as Challenging or Cumbersome as Meets the Eye…Maybe

Ohio Divorce Abroad: What You Need To Know! Good News For Couples Seeking An Ohio Divorce Abroad So you and your spouse have made the decision to separate, but there’s one more catch added on to the already long list … Continue reading

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What to Do If Your Client Dies Abroad

Although most attorneys never get involved with probate administration outside the United States, you might encounter practical problems if your client, who’s a California domiciliary, dies abroad. The first thing to do when a U.S. citizen dies in a foreign … Continue reading

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Federal government creates new Ombudsperson to oversee corporate activity abroad

On January 17, 2018, the federal government announced two new initiatives relating to the oversight of Canadian companies doing business abroad. The first initiative is the creation of an independent Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE). The mandate of the … Continue reading

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Trademark Registration, Search, Litigation Services in India and Abroad

Trademarak registration is growing field in india, get details about  trademark registration patent registration in india trademark litigation trademark classes,trademark watch trademark search trademark classes,trademark watch,patent registration in india and more.

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Crowns and Other Dental Fixtures Produced Abroad May Contain Lead

Though patients and even dentists are often unaware, crowns, bridges and other dental devices produced by foreign manufacturers contain dangerous levels of lead in many instances, according to an investigative report by WBNS-10 TV  — an Ohio television station that has captured the … Continue reading

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