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Should Rivers Have Rights? A Growing Movement Says It’s About Time

Yale Environment 360: “…In Chile, as in other places, we have come to this point because the traditional Western view of rivers — and of nature generally — has failed us. Western legal systems and governments traditionally viewed water and … Continue reading

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What is an Expungement, How Can it Help Me, and How Do I Go About Obtaining One in California?

A DUI conviction can have a serious impact on your life. It may cost hundreds in fines, may negatively affect your insurance rates, and may even affect the jobs at which you can work. (As an example, a DUI on … Continue reading

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Statements About Judge Not Protected

A six-month suspension was affirmed by the Tennessee Supreme Court for his derogatory comments about a judge, such as Many authors, among them Alfred Lord Tennyson, have observed that the half-truth is the most sinister of all deception. The point… … Continue reading

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody in Illinois

Many of the most significant concerns at the end of a marriage revolve around the future of the children. These worries often become so great that couples frequently stay in a unhealthy relationship to avoid any discomfort that the children … Continue reading

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CLE: Five Affordable Ways to Learn More About the Law

Let’s not sugar-coat it. Having to fulfill continuing education requirements is a pain. Lawyers are not the only ones subject to ongoing education obligations. Doctors, teachers, real estate agents, residential builders, engineers, accountants and other professions all have their annual … Continue reading

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