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Abortion and the Republican Tax Bill

From The Huffington Post: The Republican tax bill is stuffed with provisions that go way beyond taxes, including language that for the first time recognizes fertilized eggs (zygotes) in federal law. The bill allows parents to set up education accounts… … Continue reading

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Federal judge refuses to block Kansas abortion insurance law

[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the District of Kansas [official website] denied an injunction [opinion, PDF] on Thursday against a Kansas law [HB 2075 materials] that prohibits insurance companies from including coverage for abortion [JURIST news … Continue reading

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Michigan's 'Partial-Birth' Abortion Ban Awaits Governor's Likely Signature

Huffington Post: Michigan Legislature Passes 'Partial-Birth' Abortion Ban, by Laura Bassett: WASHINGTON — Michigan lawmakers passed legislation last week that will ban "partial-birth" abortions, which have been federally outlawed since 2007 and have not occurred on record since then. The… … Continue reading

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Federal appeals court partially upholds South Dakota abortion consent law

[JURIST] The US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit [official website] on Friday partially upheld [opinion, PDF] a South Dakota law which expanded the requirements for informed consent for abortion [HB 1166 materials]. The court upheld the provision that … Continue reading

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Arizona appeals court lifts injunction on 2009 abortion law

[JURIST] The Arizona Court of Appeals [official website] on Thursday ended a two-year injunction [ruling, PDF] on portions of a law [HB 2564 text, PDF] that restricted abortion [JURIST news archive] practices. The original injunction by the Maricopa County Superior … Continue reading

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