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Military Commissions Freeze Appeals in the 9/11 Case

On Wednesday, May 23, the U.S. Court of Military Commission Review (CMCR), the intermediate military appellate court responsible for reviewing military commission proceedings, announced that it currently lacks a quorum to decide contested motions in United States v. Khalid Shaikh … Continue reading

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Judge Still Skeptical of Claims that Saudi Arabia was Behind the 9/11 Attacks

A district judge who’d rejected claims that Saudi Arabia was behind the 9/11 attacks seemed skeptical after a congressional action revived a dying series of lawsuits. According to U.S. News¸ the latest arguments swung into being after Congress passed the … Continue reading

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Hidden Heroes: the Boatlift of 9/11

The ten-year anniversary of 9/11 prompted a vivid documentary about the boatlift of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers off Manhattan following the World Trade Center attacks. Alternative, less choppy video, here. On the Coast Guard's efforts, and the herculean … Continue reading

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9/11 Wine

The 9/11 Memorial wine is made by Lieb Cellars, LLC of Mattituck, New York. In a rare show of unity, it did not go over well with Anthony Bourdain, Dr. Vino, The Colbert Report, or The Christian Post. Related Posts: … Continue reading

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Charges and Evidence of Lax Screening Practices at Logan Airport on 9/11

Ever since hearing (long ago) that one or more of the 9/11 hijackers had been asked to go through a weapon-detecting device at Boston's Logan Airport a second time after the initial pass-through had triggered an alarm, I had wondered … Continue reading

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