Survivalism Redux

People are getting antsy, as I learned after selling some physical silver. (No need to rob my house now; it's all gone). A bunch of technogeeks who'd get robbed if out past dark bought it. What are they thinking? Here are two posts from two years ago: Being in shape is better than stock piling ammo. Argentina was fucked, yet it didn't look like The Road. How did people survive? A lot of guys – especially younger guys – are all gung-ho about this shit. While not a former NAVY SEAL, I've had extensive military training, including infantry training; platoon leadership tactics at Ft. Bennining in Officer Candidate School. I have shot a fuckload of automatic weapons; trained martial arts; boxed in rings; and have had several broken bones and knocked people out unconscious in addition to having been hit in the face with brass knuckles. If I were creating a survival kit of guns, here's what I'd buy: Pistol: Trick bullet point! Do you go to the range, or just read comic books? If you can't say, "This is my go-to gun," then please for the love of god, don't buy a fucking gun. You're just going to kill yourself, a family member, or someone else. My preferred gun is a Walther P99. I know this because I've shot dozens of different guns, and that's what fits me best. You don't buy a pistol in the abstract. Instead, you shoot every week at the range with different guns. Then you buy one. Shotgun: Same as above. Every guy gets either a Remington 870 (short rifled barrel and longer barrel for bird hunting) or Mossberg 500. Guys will debate the superiority of either forever. You can't go wrong, and they are cheap. Rifle: The AR-7 is the best survival rifle, period. If you want something bigger, go with a .30-30. Winchester makes a nice .30-30, but these are expensive. Marlin's Model 336A is a nice price. The Marlin holds six shots and will hit wild game and wild men. If you need more than six shots, you're dead. I really cannot emphasize this enough. Unless you're in a small unit with actual military training, you have no business with an assault rifle. Have you done live fire drills? Do you know about fields of fire? Can you field strip an AK-47 blindfolded? As a lover of guns, I am a complete fucking asshole about this stuff. Assault rifles are simply fantastyland, and your owning one will be a danger to yourself and everyone else. Also, guns won't matter if you can't life yourself up over a wall. How can pull-ups can you do? Can you sprint 400 meters with a large back pack without puking? If not, you're dead and no guns will save you. Taking your ass to the gym will be the best survial training you can do.

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