Survival Guide for Newly Divorced Single Parents

All parties involved in a divorce will have to make major adjustments. While the children will most likely be considered as the victims, the most challenging role belongs to the newly single parent who gains primary custody. Gaining custody is a major victory for the parent, but he/she must also be prepared for the challenges ahead.  The newly-single parent will not only have to face parenthood alone, but he/she will also have to start the recovery process for the child. However, a new beginning still brings hope and these tips can help them survive.  Watch Out for Loneliness There will always be reminders and memoirs of happier times when the family was whole. These memories will always remain dear in the hearts of both parent and child, and that’s how it should be. However, it can make you feel empty and lonely.  The only way to avoid loneliness is to make new memories. The biggest blessing is to have your child. Neither of you are alone and…

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