Superheroes and Immigration @nancywyuen @INHERITANCEmag

Giovanny Panginda and Gene Luen Yang explore the ethnic origins of comic book superheroes for Such characters come to the U.S., or countries, fleeing natural disasters or war, and they come without papers. The authors note in part,Not only is Superman an immigrant, more specifically, he is a refugee, one forced to leave his country because of war, persecution, or natural disasters. Superman's cultural narrative starts with him as a baby on the planet Krypton, where his parents send him to Earth not just to escape the planet's destruction, but to offer him a chance at a better life.Although we usually think of Superman as the great icon of "truth, justice, and the American Way," we often forget that he started out as a foreigner, and a literal unaccompanied minor alien. Via @nancywyuen.

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