Summer Camps for Children with Cerebral Palsy

As we enter the summer months, many parents are setting out to find fun and enriching activities for their children to participate in. And what better summer activity than summer camp? Parents of children with disabilities often have difficulty finding summer camp opportunities that will cater to the needs of their child. So we decided to do a spotlight on summer camps specifically for children with cerebral palsy (CP) and similar disabilities. Check out our list of camps below, and let us know if you have one in your area that we should add! Camp Independence: A camp in St. Louis, Missouri specifically for children 7-18 years old with cerebral palsy. Their focus is adaptive sports programs that teach physical fitness and health with the help of pediatric therapists. Bay Cliff Cerebral Palsy Family Camp: Cerebral Palsy Family Camp, in Big Bay, Michigan, offers a full camp experience to children ages 1-17 with cerebral palsy and their families. Children with CP have activities…

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