Sue for Head Injury That Happened on Royal Caribbean Vacation?

Can you sue Royal Caribbean for a concussion or severe head injury that occurred while you were a passenger aboard their ship? Well…it depends. Filing an injury claim against Royal Caribbean or suing the cruise line will depend on a number of factors, all of which would be discussed with you when you call our offices at 800-905-2891. Those factors would include: Where did the injury occur? How did the injury occur? Who was responsible for the accident? Did the cruise line (or it’s employees) do something — or not do something — that led to the injury? Did you actually suffer an injury — physical, emotional, financial, etc? Did the accident lead to your injury? What was the severity of the injury? Can you provide medical care records related to the injury? **Note: every injury is unique and the details surrounding the incident can greatly impact the ability to sue the cruise line — or not. This is where an experienced attorney can help. Signs…

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