Sponsors Are the New Mentors, Especially for Women

Ida Abbott’s timely book gives men everything they need to sponsor — not merely mentor — professional women for leadership roles. “Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know” is available in digital, print and Kindle format. Women have been told for years that having a mentor is critical for career success, and today many can readily find mentors or be matched with one in a program. But as their careers progress, they watch, puzzled and frustrated, as their male peers move up the ladder faster and higher. These women work just as hard, perform just as well, and are just as capable and driven as those men — often more so. They follow their mentors’ advice and pursue the same career strategies as men, but to no avail. What’s going on? For women to move up the ranks in law firms, mentoring isn’t enough. They need sponsoring within the firm, too. Let’s Look at the Typical Scenario in Law Firms Like women…

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