Spinal Cord Injuries May Be Life Altering Says Los Angeles Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer Steven Peck

Spinal cord injuries normally take place when the spine is damaged due to a fracture or dislocation. These types of injuries tend to be more life altering than other injuries as the spine allows functioning like movement and walking. Patients who suffer from loss of functionality have to adhere to a different way of life to adjust to their new disabilities. However, not all spine injuries result in loss of movement or severe damages. Some spine injuries heal right away. Spinal cord injuries are sustained when there is a blow to the spine that is so severe it fractures or dislocates vertebrae. Immediate medical attention is needed right away as injuries begin the moment a blow is received to the spinal cord. Bone fragments can cut into the spinal cord causing ligament damage and bruising. Although, a spine injury does not usually sever the spinal cord completely it can still result in absolutely loss of functionality says California Spinal Injury Lawyer Steven Peck. This is because the spine houses so many nerve cells that are responsible for carrying signals through the spinal cord to different areas of the body. This could mean completely paralysis for patients who have received a spinal cord injury. There are two different kinds of spinal cord injuries. One kind is an incomplete injury. An incomplete means that some nerves are still able to communicate with the brain. The messages sent from nerve endings to the brain allow for movement and so when a patient has received an incomplete spine injury they should still be able to operate some areas of their body. Motor and sensory function still take place below where the injury was sustained. For example, a blow to the top of the spine resulting in an incomplete injury may mean that the patient can still bend their arms and legs. Of course movement can still be difficult and the use of a cane or other walking apparatus may be needed. Incomplete spinal cord injuries can be moderate to severe. An incomplete injury may still result in long term hospital care and physical therapy. A complete spinal cord injury refers to complete loss of function. This means that those nerve endings cannot communicate with the brain in order to move the area of the body below where the traumatic blow was received. Complete spinal injuries usually mean the patient will be wheelchair bound. In certain cases this could mean complete loss of functionality with no movement at all below the neck and sometimes through the whole body. These injuries can mean long term permanent disability for the patient. There are many medical advancements that allow fully disabled people to lead interesting and happy lives. People with spinal cord injuries normally deal with a large amount of pain after their accident. This is marred by the limited or total loss of functionality and can mean a great deal of suffering. Medical complications abound for those with injured spines. It is common for people dealing with spinal injuries to also have heart problems, respiratory issues and decreased bladder and bowel functionality. Recovery can be difficult due to all of the complications associated with a spinal cord injury. This is why it is very important for patients to seek out treatment right away and continue treatment for as long as doctors and surgeons recommend.

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