Specific Categorization Of Law

In addition to the basic classification of law, which includes the domestic and international laws; the public and the private laws there are specific classifications of law which help us to have a better understanding on the insights of law. Admiralty law is commonly known as the Maritime law. The admiralty law deals with the regulations that cater to the issues that are connected with the imports and export through the mode of water, further this regulation not only deals with the imports and exports through water transport but it also includes regulations on all the aspects connected with water transport. The maritime laws are almost framed by all the countries. The attorney general manages all the issues which are concerned with the cargo disputes, oil pollution, fishing, regulations, international trade and even the injuries that take place on the docks and the vessels. The attorneys general have expertise knowledge on the issues like the trade law, legal matters which are associated with the environmental protection aspects and the protection of the endangered species. This law also covers on the issues which are involved with the freight disputes and the passenger liabilities. The laws which have been framed to enhance the safety concerns via air transport are referred as aviation laws. The aviation laws also cover the different regulations concerning the aircraft operations and the maintenance of the aircraft facilities. In US there are specialized courts that govern the matters which are concerning the issues of bankruptcy rulings. The attorneys handle these cases of bankruptcy. There are a number of civil laws that are concerned with aspects that consider the rights and the privileges of the citizens. The rights which are guaranteed by the Constitution of the country are the freedom of independency, freedom to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and above all the right to be treated equitably by all. These days the world is being flooded with the new products; people are intended to advertise more so as to become more competitive so it is quite obvious that there would be tall claims. However it is important to remember that the tall claims or the claims which are not true needn’t be advertised whatever the reason may be hence for the protection of the consumer there are a number of laws enacted so as to protect the consumers against the false and fake claims, such enactments are referred as consumer rights. Business activities having achieved greater heights, it is essential that there are a set of well laid laws that can solve the complexities of the business, the corporate laws concern on all the issues relating right from the formation to the dissolution of the firms. The criminal laws are brought in force for the crimes ranging from the petty offences to the murders, there are stringent rules formulated so as to contemplate on matters which have to be dealt seriously. The criminal laws are laid down by the local, state and the federal governments. Further there is another broad classification of employment law which exercises on the matters covering the employee and employer relations.

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